World famous original Polish Pottery is an artistically hand painted Stoneware produced in a small town of Boleslawiec, in South Western part of Poland called Lower Silesia. It is made of white clay Kaolin, abundant around the town, hand decorated with sponges by skilled artisans, then coated in a special glaze and fired in high temperatures, in excess of 1250 C.  Each pottery piece is unique and a work of art. Skilled local artisans create endless array of patterns and decorations using sponging technique, some sign their work creating sought after pieces. Pottery making in this region has a very long and rich history. Artifacts dating back to 7th century have been recently found during routine excavations in the city. Polish Pottery has evolved over the centuries, current aesthetics date around 17th century when local craftsmen started decorating their wares with sponges and new designs, most recognized is the Peacock pattern. Local Ceramics Museum features many early pieces of this now world famous design.  

Thanks to the qualities of the clay, special glaze and high firing temperatures Polish Stoneware is very durable, scratch and chip resistant. It is safe for food consumption, no Lead nor cadmium are used in the production. It is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

This Functional Art will be at home in both country and modern kitchens; can be passed on from mothers to daughters and their daughters creating memories and Heirloom collections.